project archive



poster design, september 2023

For the exhibition "Fressen" by Gabriele Langendorf, featuring paintings of food items, I designed the exhibition poster. To do this, I deconstructed the paintings, enlarged and digitally reproduced them. Additionally, I introduced a communicative element by screen-printing a bold typographic design in white. This creates a strong contrast between text and image, enhancing the visual and conceptual impact of the artwork.


bli - a font on franco-german friendship

type design, summer 2023

In my bachelor project "Typographie Transfrontalière," various type styles from the French town of Grosblieders­troff and the neighboring German town of Kleinblittersdorf were brought together in a digital variable typeface. The typeface celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty (Franco-German Friendship Treaty) by commemorating the convergence of German and French cultures in these two locations. For the typeface, I researched, combined, and interpolated the historical type styles from both towns.


posters for the ludwigstrasse60 artspace

graphic design, 2021 – 2023

In the last two years of my bachelor studies, I have been involved with the student project space Ludwigstrasse60. In this role, I collaborate with other students to create posters for exhibitions and events on a regular basis. We intentionally opted not to adopt a comprehensive corporate design, as we, as students, want to push our creativity to the maximum for each poster. On the following pages, I showcase posters in which I have been significantly involved. In addition, for the past six months, I have been increasingly dedicated to space organization and am now employed as a student assistant (Hiwi) for this purpose.



typography, june 2023

For the "Dispersionen" exhibition at the HBKsaar gallery, featuring artistic works by students from Munich, I collaborated with M. O'Connor to design a promotional poster. This poster was produced in a limited edition using cut-out holes. Additionally, I worked with B. Edinger to design an easily producible leaflet that explains the individual artworks.


website for the arrival room gallery

web design, march 2023

I have designed and implemented a new website ( for the Arrival Room Gallery. For this project, I simplified the old complex logo featuring heads, repurposing it as a background for the homepage. The heads derived from the logo move freely and respond to mouse movements. As the gallery promotes engagement with individuals with a migration background, I also ensured that the website is consistently bilingual.


januar (variable sans serif)

type design, winter 2022/23

To better understand the traditional construction of grotesque typefaces, I designed a variable grotesque typeface myself, with both a width and weight axis. This typeface also serves as a foundation for my future type design projects.


kindergarten poster lettering

lettering, june 2022

For the "Kindergarten" exhibition, showcasing a science fiction short film with Art Nouveau characteristics, I developed a lettering for promotional purposes. My inspiration for the design was the "Böcklin" typeface and the landscape depicted in the film.